I have written the book for two reasons; firstly because there has been a serious decline in the state of government finances in Australia over the last decade; and secondly, there appears to be scant consolidated information available for everyday Australians to be broadly and better informed about the major issues affecting economic growth and the affordability of government services.

Instead we are bombarded with political speak by governments and oppositions, and often biased opinions from media commentators and self-interested lobby groups. It is difficult to get a real perspective on the state of our nation, and its future.

The book addresses many of the topics which are now being hotly debated by parliaments, business, unions and other interest groups –     taxation and spending, government debt, productivity, jobs, health and education, and economic growth.

An Affordable Future is a research based book intended for reading by anyone with an interest in national affairs. It is not an economics or finance text. There is an extensive glossary to help with unavoidable jargon, and it is written in everyday language.

The book is in three parts;

Part 1 – The Dilemma of Choices is about the role of government and compares trends in government policy between Australia, Europe and the United States. It argues that choices must be made for sustainable government.

Part 2 – Staying Rich looks at the notion of wealth from a national perspective and addresses some of the key factors that will determine Australia’s future prosperity.

Part 3 – Money In, Money Out examines government finances from the aspects of taxation, spending and debt.

Paul Bailey


June 2014






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